CFRI Scholars of Excellence Program

The CFRI Scholars of Excellence program provides exceptional individuals an opportunity to generate an innovative and independent research program under the mentorship of world-class researchers.

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Safer for the mother, safe for baby

New research recommends treating elevated blood pressure during pregnancy.

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Funding renewal awarded to NeuroDevNet

$19.6 million in federal funding has been awarded to NeuroDevNet, a national research network dedicated to understanding children’s brain development.

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New discovery may reveal the causes of inflammatory bowel disease

An important discovery about how our gut protects our bodies from dangerous infections may help scientists understand the causes of inflammatory bowel disease.  

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New research shows helmet laws reduce head injuries

“This is the first study to look at national data and to compare injuries related to a wide-range of popular wheeled activities,” says Dr. Mariana Brussoni. “Our findings provide strong support for the importance of helmet laws in keeping children safe.”
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    CFRI is it the largest research institute of its kind in Western Canada in terms of people, productivity, funding and size. 

    The Institute has both 'wet bench' laboratory and 'dry lab' clinical research areas, and other areas to facilitate particular areas of research and training.