Four gut bacteria decrease asthma risk in infants

New research finds that infants need four types of gut bacteria before they are three-months-old to protect them from asthma. This discovery opens the door to developing treatments for infants that prevent asthma.

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CAUSES Research Clinic

Information for referring physicians now online.

The CAUSES research clinic at BC Children’s Hospital provides genome-wide sequencing for children and their parents with complex, undiagnosed disorders who are unable to obtain a diagnosis by standard tests.

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Researchers find gene responsible for heart damage caused by chemotherapy

Researchers at CFRI have found a genetic variation that brings a five times higher risk of heart damage for cancer patients treated with a common type of chemotherapy drug.

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Scholars of Excellence Program

The CFRI Scholars of Excellence program provides exceptional individuals an opportunity to generate an innovative and independent research program under the mentorship of world-class researchers based at the Child & Family Research Institute (CFRI).

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Mini Med School

The 2015 Mini Med School series provides insight into the innovative research and progress that is improving health in low and middle income countries. Learn how new tools, technologies and programs promote health and well-being across the life course: in adolescence, women, pregnancy, infancy and childhood.

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Open Call: New CFRI Investigator Grant Awards

CFRI is pleased to announce an open call for applications from investigators for the new CFRI Investigator Grant Awards.

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