New study: Injuries cost BC $3.7 billion a year

Two new reports on injury prevention – The Economic Burden of Injury in BC and BC Casebook for Injury Prevention – can help communities target their injury prevention efforts.

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Meet CFRI's new investigators: Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen

Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen recently joined CFRI as a clinician scientist. He brings cutting-edge research into the clinic to improve the care of children living with kidney transplants and chronic kidney disease.

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A newly discovered syndrome may illuminate the causes of certain cancers

The discovery of a new genetic disorder may ultimately help scientists better understand the root causes of certain forms of cancer.

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Helping children get the protein they need

A recently published report will help scientists develop better recommendations for meeting the nutritional needs of sick children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and other groups with high protein requirements.

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CAUSES is now open

Children with rare, unexplained medical conditions may be able to obtain a diagnosis through the new ‘CAUSES’ translational research program at BC Children’s Hospital  Read More

    CFRI is it the largest research institute of its kind in Western Canada in terms of people, productivity, funding and size. 

    The Institute has both 'wet bench' laboratory and 'dry lab' clinical research areas, and other areas to facilitate particular areas of research and training.