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The University of British Columbia / Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia Research Ethics Board (UBC C&W REB) is a UBC-affiliated Research Ethics Board (REB) for the Oak Street campus.

The UBC C&W REB launched on April 15, 2009. Visit About REB to learn about the REB's scope of responsibility, members and more.

Recent Updates and Important Notices
UBC Interim Guidance for Incidental Findings
UBC’s new Interim Guidance for Incidental Findings in Genetic and Genomic Research comes into effect May 1st, 2015. Read the notice here. The Interim Guidance requires researchers conducting genetic or genomic research to submit a plan for how material incidental findings will be managed and outlines elements to be included in the plan.  It also includes suggested wording for consent forms in such studies.

You can find the guidance document on the Templates page.

If you require any further information, please contact Jennie Prasad at

BCEHI Harmonized Minimal Risk Model launched
The BC Ethics Initiative is pleased to move forward with the pilot implementation and evaluation of the harmonized ethics review model for minimal risk studies as of December 1.  This represents a major milestone for the initiative in achieving efficient, coordinated, and high-quality processes that support and encourage multi-jurisdictional human health research.

Some of you may already have been involved in harmonized processes during the development phase of the model; we thank you for the contributions you have already made to refining the model. Documents that will inform and assist you with new harmonized processes during the pilot phase can be accessed from the Resources tab of the BCEHI website. In particular, please feel free to make use of the Coversheet as preparation for submitting your study. 

Of course, your evaluation of the model is very important to the initiative. If you are involved in a harmonized ethics review, you will be contacted to participate in a survey after the certificate of approval has been issued. I encourage you to take part as the data gathered through the evaluation will help us gauge the effectiveness of the model and to make improvements.  

A news story announcing the launch of the Minimal Risk Model has also been published on the BCEHI website.  If have any questions at all, please contact Jennie Prasad at

Notice of Revised Wording (Withdrawal of Consent)
This notice is to advise the research community of a change to section 14 of the recommended wording in the BCEHI Clinical Common Informed Consent Template.  The change relates to participants’ right to request the withdrawal of their data upon their withdrawal from a research study.

The newly revised section of the template offers two different suggested wordings (highlighted in blue).  The first is for Health Canada regulated research.  This wording has been revised to reflect the fact that (unlike for US FDA regulated studies) there is no clear legal requirement that data collected to the point of withdrawal must be retained.  However, and despite the lack of a clear legal requirement, the recommended wording does state that such data will be retained and explains that this is to ensure data integrity and subject and patient safety.

The second recommended wording applies to studies that are not regulated by Health Canada and reflects the principle articulated in the TCPS2 that participants have the right to request the withdrawal of their data and biological samples and to be advised of the circumstances where this would not be possible.

The template has been posted on the new BCEHI website and can be accessed using this permanent link. The link has also been posted on the Templates page of the UBC/C&W REB website.

If you have any questions, please contact Nina Preto, Research Ethics Analyst: (604-827-5597) or the UBC / C&W REB office. (09/17/14)

Important notice re: pre-submission ethics applications from before 2012

Do you have a human ethics study in RISe that is in a pre-submission state and was created on or prior to December 31, 2011? Please note that on August 16, 2013, these studies will be inactivated.

Inactivated studies will continue to be accessible in the Principal Investigator’s inactive tab, but will no longer be on the system as a pending submission. 

Researcher Information Services at UBC is inactivating old pre-submission applications in order to free up space on RISe. If you have any questions or concerns contact the UBC / C&W Research Ethics Board (REB) at 604-875-3103 or

Due to recent staffing changes, some of your contacts at the Research Ethics Board (REB) have changed.
  • Maryam Ghafouri has now returned from leave, so for questions or concerns related to screening of post-approval activities and submissions or pre-review of renewal applications please email Maryam at
  • For general inquiries, please continue to email

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The information contained on this site has been developed in order to guide researchers and their staff through the ethics review process at the UBC C&W REB.  If you have any additional questions, please contact the UBC C&W REB.